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Ax Update.6 - The magic edition~

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 6:18 PM

Ahoy! This update is about the things that were sort of 'magical' about the Ax, such as clan crests appearing, breath weapons and blurring.


1. How clan crests appear.

So this subject is kind of tricky, and thank you to Shralen for bringing it up! 

I basically have three ideas for how this will work aside from, 'it's magic!'

- The crests are dyed onto the wings and scales, in key locations.
- The crests are tattoos? Not sure how that would work on scales tho.
- The clan holds a ritual, and through some sort of vitae voo-doo the crest appears. (<- most magical :/ )

The cons to the dyed idea is that dyes generally fade and would need to be reapplied every so often. And how would this affect their humanoid form's crests? 
The pros, are that Ax can pose as members of other clans (maybe not in some cases) and crests have more flexibility in placement aside from the wings/shoulders/face.

The cons to the tattoo idea is that I'm not sure how they would tattoo a scale. From my understanding tattoo are ink injected just below the surface of the skin. Scales don't really have skin???
Pros - relatively permanent.

And the cons to the ritual are that I still don't have an explanation for how the crest appears. xD
The pros are that the crest is very much permanent and the ritual is sort of a big deal for accepting a new member to the clan.

That's all I've got the crest, thoughts? ;u;


2. Breath weapons.

Another tricky one, my first thought was to just to make all Ax have some sort of fire breath, whether that was napalm, flame, or fireballs.
I even had everything here already typed out, before deciding that nahh, lets try and make this work. xD If it seems too complicated, then 
having just one breath weapon type would be an easy solution.

So there are four types of breath weapons: plasma, gas, liquid and nothing. (counts as a type shh)

Plasma: Includes fire and lightning types breaths.
Gas: Think nerve gas or smoke?
Liquid: Something acidic, or solidifying.
Nothing: Sound based in the ultra/sub-sonic region.

The problem with having so many varieties is that when do you decide, 'okay, this is a little ridiculous.' or, 'how would that even work???'
We could say breath weapons are genetic, and passed down and hone by later generations. Easy enough, but physically how are Ax constructed that allow
such a wide range of breath weapons?

With plasma you could have some sort of sparking tooth, that ignites some flammable air. But that doesn't explain liquid breaths or napalm. Where does that liquid come
from? Does the Ax produce their weapons in a specialized organ, and for those who don't have a breath weapon is there a defect in this organ that prevents them from having one?
How do those Ax produce their sub/super-sonic shrieks then? Is there a limit to how often one can use their weapons, how long does it take for them to recharge that organ? How doe the healing
type breaths work? Is it a bacteria that works fast to heal wounds?????

As you can see the whole things is pretty complicated. xD

I'm kind of lost on the idea of how to make all this work.
Some ideas would be to make everything gas or air based, and the composition produced in this organ would determine what sort of breath weapon the 
Ax had. Thoughts? I hate to take away some customization, but for the sake of simplicity, it might have to be done.


3. Blurring.

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the old blurring aka teleporting thing the Ax could do before. Basically if an Ax had been to a place before, they could instantly travel to and from that location. Pretty convenient eh? Well it's a little...too much for giant dragons in my opinion, as cool as it is. So with the help of my sister Inanagi we've been working to assimilate the Asylanai a bit more into Sanctum, so they feel at home. More on Asylum in another update!

Anyways, long story short the Asylanai are from Asylum, one of Sanctum's brother planets. They're a shifter race as well and come in a wide variety of species. They were technologically advanced and had developed a sort of wormhole structure called rifts that allowed them to jump across space to different planets. How is works is there's a device which is synced to the user. This allows that user to activate and utilize a rift. They 'dial' in the code to a specific rift elsewhere in the galaxy and it will allow them to instantly travel there. The catch is there has to be a receiving rift at the location for the user to jump to, they can't just appear anywhere. 

These rifts will be replacing blurring as a form of instant transportation. The devices are highly regulated by the Sanctum Council and UAP - United Asylum Protectorate, which manages all things Asylum related on Sanctum. Those who wish to acquire a device would need to visit the UAP and register their dna in the database as well as pay a fee if they are not of Asylum's blood.

What's neat about the rifts is the Asylanai were around long before the merge between Asylum and Sanctum, and it's their lifeforce which allowed Sanctum's life to move towards Sapience. Most of the Asylanai technology was lost or destroyed in the merge, but a fair portion ended up on Sanctum, buried and broken. So the survivors who were off-world when Asylum fell ended up coming back much much later to try and recover some part of their heritage.


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